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  • Trophy Winners 2019

    Trophies Name
    Junior Tap Lara Lucazeau
    Senior Tap Ellie Gavin
    Junior Modern Sophie Van de Knaap
    Senior Modern Megan Wardle
    Junior Ballet Max Palmer-Watts
    Senior Ballet Charlotte Hearsey and Emily Lewington 
    Baby award Elsa Differ
    Junior award Sian McCallion
    Senior award Isabella Antinoro
    Laura Willey Dedication cup Aaron Cook and Luke Tennant
    Exam award Grace Allen
    Festival award Elizabeth Owolabi
    Pleasure to teach Hannah Jones
    Performance award Zara Scott
    Lucy Foster award  Gracie Greenleaf
    Outstanding progress Eva Boulos
    Most promising dancer Isaac Owolabi
    Scholarship Amy Henley
  • Lily Caines gaines place at Guildford School of Acting

    Lily Caines has been offered a place at the Guildford School of Acting on their foundation course for musical theatre. We are so pleased for Lily and wish her every luck in her career!

  • London Junior Ballet

    Abigail Leech-Baldwin and Isabel Cook have both auditioned and gained places at the London Junior Ballet. They will go each Sunday to London to further their ballet training and compliment what they are learning with us at EFSD.

  • Zara Scott

    Zara Scott, aged 12 years has won the bursary at the Slough Festival of Arts. She competed against competitors up to the age of 21 years to win a total of £300 to go towards further training for her dance. Well done Zara! We are super proud!

  • Trophy Winners 2018

    Our trophy winners for 2018 are as follows:

    Trophies Name
    Junior Tap Amelie Wardle
    Senior Tap India Giles
    Junior Modern Abigael Aherne
    Senior Modern Eden Harley
    Junior Ballet Jolie Macri
    Senior Ballet Lucy O'Connell
    National Katie Leech
    Baby award Lottie Dukes
    Junior award Lara Lucazeau
    Senior award Megan Wardle
    Laura Willey Dedication cup Lucy Wilson
    Exam award Niamh McCallion
    Festival award Caitlin Bickford
    Pleasure to teach Lily Caines
    Performance award Elizabeth Owolabi
    Lucy Foster award Emily Stewart
    Outstanding progress Isla Viner
    Most promising dancer Isabella Antinoro
    Scholorship Charlotte Hearsey
  • Dance show 'Mind the Gap' raises over £5200 for charity

    More than 160 children took part in a dance show that raised thousands of pounds for charity. In total, £5,234 was raised by the 152 children from Elizabeth Fenton School of Dancing, at the show in the Desborough Suite in Maidenhead Town Hall.

    The money raised was split between Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice and Centrepoint homeless shelter. Prince William is the patron of Centrepoint and the school received a letter of thanks on his behalf.

    This year’s show was called Mind the Gap and was based on the London Underground and it ran for three nights, from March 29-31 2018.

  • Madeleine Barrett gains place at The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge

    Madeleine Barrett, 10, is one of 12 girls to be accepted by The Royal Ballet School’s White Lodge out of more than 850 applicants from all over the world.

    The school in Richmond Park provides the world’s most talented ballet dancers with the best available teaching in a secondary school environment. Madeleine’s mother Catherine Barrett said: “I’m incredibly proud of her, it has been a dream since she was young and she’s just so hard working and determined.

    “She has a passion for ballet from seeing the professional dancers and longing to be one herself. She has great spirit.”

    White Lodge is a world-renowned ballet school which expects nothing but the highest standards from its students, but Madeleine is up for the challenge. She found out that she had got a place after three rounds of interviews and reviews on Thursday, March 8.

    Catherine said: “This is an amazing opportunity but it is going to be very difficult and very competitive. But it is what she wants to do. She’s living her dream, she wants to be a professional ballerina. We’re just going with the flow and letting her follow her dream.”

    Madeleine, of Switchback Road North, has been dancing at the Elizabeth Fenton School of Dancing in Maidenhead since she was four years old.

    Catherine praised the teaching and support that Madeleine has received from the dancing school, and credits teacher Vanessa Jowett with a lot of her success.

  • Lily Faulkner gains place with Tap Attack!

    Lily Faulkner (pictured left) has gained a place with the prestigious tap attack associate programme. 

    Tap Attack Associate Programs run in four locations across the country offering opportunities to approximately 200 dancers nationwide.  The program began in 2011 and follows a carefully structured curriculum to ensure that each dancer reaches their full potential during their time with Tap Attack.  Auditions are held annually for each 1 year program.  Each Associate group meets on a monthly basis and has a regular teacher as well as opportunities to work with other members of the teaching faculty and guest teachers from abroad.  The program has developed dancers who have become company members, world champion tap dancers and vocational dancers.

    We are really proud of Lily and can't wait to see what the future brings!


  • Maidenhead Festival

    We participated at Maidenhead Festival in October half term and all had a great time who were involved. 51% of our students gained a place of some sort in the festival and we are really proud of all who took part. We had a mixture of solo entries, duets, quartets and groups participating against other local dance schools. Big congratulations to Zara Scott who gained the trophy for the highest ballet mark at the festival and she was also awarded the Rose trophy for outstanding female performer. We would also like to congratulate Matthew Truman and Zara Scott for winning the classical duet trophy.  

  • London Junior and Senior Ballet

    Congratulations to 2 of our girls who gained places at the London Junior and Senior Ballet taking place every Sunday. Jolie Macri aged 10 has joined the junior course and Simone Stirzaker aged 11 has joined the senior foundation course. Well done girls!

  • George Norris gains a place with the Royal Ballet

    Big congratulations to George Norris who gained a place at the Royal Ballet Junior Associates. George starts his place in September training in London. He will travel to London every Saturday and will join our other student Madeleine Barrett who is also there. George and Madeleine will take undertake their Royal Ballet training alongside their training with our school.

  • All England Finals

    Congratulations to all of our students competing at the All England Finals. We had a total of 20 students competing here. Special congratulations to Zara Scott who gained an Honours mark for her ballet solo, Honours for her modern solo and to Matthew Truman and Zara Scott for gaining an Honours for their ballet duet. We are very proud of all our students who competed in such a tough and prestigious competition.

  • BBC Radio Berkshire

    On Sunday 16th April 2017 Debbie McGee invited Jake Milston and myself into her show to do an interview on ballet. Jake has recently been offered a full time place at Central School of Ballet so it was lovely for her to speak to him. Click on the link to the side to hear the full interview!

  • Trophy winners 2017

    This years trophy winners are as follows:-

    Junior Tap Ellie Gavin
    Senior Tap Lily Faulkner
    Junior Modern Leah Harris 
    Senior Modern Jake Milston
    Junior Ballet Madeleine Barrett
    Senior Ballet Zara Scott
    National India Giles
    Junior award Eleanor Gilbert
    Senior award Clara Oakley
    Laura Willey Dedication cup Kirsten Franks
    Exam award Hannah Leonard
    Festival award Stephanie Moreas
    Pleasure to teach Grace Helene Allen
    Performance award Amy Henley
    Lucy Foster award Nicola Oakley
    Outstanding progress Gemma Deadman
    Most promising dancer Simone Stirzaker
    Scholorship Emily Lewington
  • 2017 Prize giving event

    Our prize giving event which took place at the Desborough Suite at the end of March was a huge success. We had some of our students show off their talent and while celebrating their success we helped to raise £456.25 for the Charley Paige Trust. We would like to thank all who came and supported the event as well as the volunteers who helped on the day.

  • Jake Milston

    Jake who has been dancing with us for the last 12 years has just received a full time place with the Central School of Ballet. Jake is just 16 years old but will be starting his 3 year degree course in September.

  • English Youth Ballet

    We are delighted to announce that 5 of our pupils gained a place with the English Youth Ballet. Simone Stirzaker, Zara Scott, Ellie Gavin and Lucy O'Connell and Jake Milston will all perform next year.

  • Tring Park

    Matthew Truman who is 13 years old has just started his place, full time at Tring Park School for Performing Arts undergoing the classical course. Matthew has been at the school for 5 years gaining distinction for all ballet exams taken with us (grades 1-5). He has also been a finalist for the ISTD imperial awards twice. We are sad to see Matthew leave but know that he will go far with his dance.

  • Maidenhead Festival

    Simone Stirzaker who won the highest mark ballet trophy at the maidenhead festival. Pictured along side judge Craig Bartley.

  • Urdang

    Molly Francis gained a place at The Urdang Academy as a full time student taking their degree course in musical theatre. Molly will study with Urdang for 3 years before going into a professional career. Molly has been with us for 2 years and we are delighted in what she has achieved with us in such a short time.